sunnuntai 18. huhtikuuta 2010

New logo

Womb proudly presents: new logo. Design by Ritual Nucleart.

lauantai 17. huhtikuuta 2010

Womb #2 out now!

By releasing the second issue of Womb 'zine, we and our participants are here again to proclaim the personal war against the ignorance of the Blind God. Those who strive towards the greater knowledge of the Self & Absolute, must see beyond the God of Lies - and by saying this, we encourage our readers to understand the meaning of two eternal polarities, darkness and light.


Cosmic Church (FIN)
Saturnian Mist (FIN)
Ride for Revenge (FIN)
Serpent Ascending (FIN)
Sepulchral Aura (FIN)
Janvs (ITA)
Emit (UK)
Wodulf (GRE)

Price 5 euros incl. postages everywhere. Paying methods: bank transfer inside Europe, PayPal. Contact:

Bundle-price for both of the issues (Issue #1: Charnel Winds, Hammer, Dead Reptile Shrine, IC REX, Verge, Xibalba, Vitsaus, Potentiam, Behexen & Pestiferous) is 7 euros incl. postages. 


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