maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010

Update: #3 in the works, #1 sold out

Womb 'zine issue #3 is in the works now that the nights are getting alive after hot and exhausting summer. Few interviews are ready and more are coming. As always, it is hard to tell at this point, what the final format, length and bands shall be, but we strive for development and some changes are bound to come.

Some people have offered us promos for reviewing. These individuals probably haven’t read the ‘zine at all, since neither of first two issues featured any reviews. This probably won’t change in the near future, so please save your free copies for someone else.

Also: first issue has been completely sold out from us, so don’t bother asking. Second issue is still available and plenty.

Thalos & Desolate

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